Me & Santa + New Pajamas

On Christmas Eve morning my Dad brought home these adorable little fellows! Does anyone know what a Long John is? You are truly missing out on the quality of life if you don't! They are amazing donuts and these ones were Santa Clause! I'm so glad I got the last one so I could get a picture with it before it was scarfed down.
Also, what is better than new pajamas?  Seriously. Let's try and answer that. New tires? New glasses? New bed sheets? I rest my case.
 Did you get new pajamas this Christmas?


  1. What on earth is a long john?! It looks delicious! Oh sometimes I do wish I lived on the East Coast so I could taste all the scrumptious food over there.

  2. A long john is basically a long donut with a copious amount of icing on it. The texture and moisture is unlike any donut I've had before!

  3. chaucee, that long john looks heavenly.
    i hope it was yummy bc i am drooling and now have a craving for doughnuts.

  4. That is so cute! Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

  5. Oh wow, that looks DELICIOUS, and adorable, which are my two main qualifications for food, though I've never had a long john!
    Your pajamas look so comfy! My mom gets me and my siblings new pajama bottoms each christmas, so this year we all got ones with penguins on them :)

  6. i got new ones, too! they're so comfy... i'm wearing them now. at 4:45pm. and i've been wearing them alllll day. but i'm sick so i think that's a pretty good excuse. ;) new pj's are the absolute best.

  7. those sound sooo so good!! lovely blog you have chaucee, i look forward to following :)
    what part of the east coast are you from? i'm a boston area blogger!

  8. Those pajamas look super comfy!! And of course I know what a long john in ;) In Canada that's like a food group in itself!


  9. ARGGGHHHH!!!! My only weakness (yeah right!) is a chocolate-covered, custard-filled Long-John!! UMMMMM!!!! YUMMMM!!! It was always my mama's favorite and a really rare treat, and later became mine. I haven't had a donut in like 3 years and haven't had a long john in probably 6! BOO! Haven't seen a good one in Alaska.

    Also, I have the junkiest PJs because I keep them for like 8 years and do all of my interior painting in them, so I actually ordered a super cute pair from Victoria's Secret for myself and I accidentally got 'long' everything - long pants, long top, lots of don't-fit-right and I need to send them back because it was just way too much to pay for ill-fitting jammies :(

    me me me me me...

    Sorry. I love your jams, and thanks a lot for reminding me of The Best Donut Ever. One more thing to look forward to whenever we move back to Michigan!

  10. That donut is awesome.

    And I actually did get jammies for Christmas! I got these:

    I love PJs as Christmas presents, especially because they're something I don't really buy for myself all that often.

  11. I did get new pajamas for Christmas (I think I may have somehow already told you this though), but really...there is nothing better.



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