Style Files: Accidentally Vana White

This outfit came together on a pure accidental note. I was planning on wearing this sweater as a cardigan with a shirt underneath, but while I was looking for a top, I put this on and buttoned it to keep warm. I looked in the mirror and then BAM it hit me. This is my day to get away with going topless! Well at least without a shirt underneath the sweater. I know its a strange thing to not want to wear tops, but if boys can do it why can't we?  I know I know, I don't need an anatomy lesson. It's just some things in life aren't fair, ya know? 
I'm surprised you made it this far in the post! If I were you and reading that first paragraph I'd be gone in a hot second! But now that you're still here I'll tell you about my problems with these shoes.  Either my feet shrunk a whole half size or these shoes stretched out because I was tripping like crazy wearing these shoes! They literally fall off my feet. We might have to do something about this.
Also, a blogging tip:  Do you ever feel like you're running out of poses?  Pretend to be Vana White!

Ps - Katie asked me a question about what I like to do for the holidays in my hometown, you can see the answer here!


  1. I love how it all came together, and can't get over the fact that you're "topless" haha! I think we girls should be able to get away with it sometimes too, so more power to you :)

  2. This look is so cute! I have the same problem with Target shoes. I'll buy my size and then about a month later they feel two sizes too much. You get what you pay for I guess, but it won't stop me from shopping there.....

  3. Love it :)

    I have a pair of red shoes that never fails to confuse me. Some days they're too tight, other days they slip off my feet with every step. I know my feet swell and shrink as they please but no other pair makes it quite this obvious how changeable my feet are. Cra-zy.

  4. this outfit is absolutely lovely...that sweater is fabulous and i think it is just fine with "nothing" under it :) funny you say that about your shoes...i seem to have the same problem actually. ever since i trained for a half marathon, my shoes have gotten larger...isn't that weird?!?


  5. Oh, don't you just love it when an outfit works itself out like that? By the way, you look FABULOUS! I really love how you wore your cardi as a top like that, and belted on top of that! That is the definition of fabulous to me. I have yet to try it, but I see it on so many bloggers (including you). This is such an inspiration! :)


  6. cute outfit!!

    I follow you! Follo me back!!


  7. Aw this is so pretty.. The sweater top looks great on you. Ah, who cares if your "topless", haha, as long as it comfy, right? Gorgeous color palette!

    I had the same problem with these Urban Outfitters saddle shoes I have. The are huge on me now and feel like clown shoes when I walk.

    I loved your answer over at Katie's blog...Prince Street Cafe is awesome!!
    Oh and I just emailed you back the link you asked for.

    xx Marisa

  8. i love your top! this is such a lovely outfit.

  9. i know, it's so hard to think of a new pose:)
    i love the chocolate brown sweater chaucee!

  10. haha! I can wear the heck out of 4" heels, walk miles, dance, all that... but flats make me trip constantly! Doesn't matter if they fit or not, I hate them on me :( BOO. On another note, you're stinkin cute. I'd pay for your hair!

  11. aahh, so cute! i absolutely love that sweater.

  12. Very cute!!

    I'll have to try the Vanna White pose. ;)


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