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FIRST on my surprise list is that I'm going to share my friends with you! No, really. Who doesn't want more friends?
If I could have been even half as grounded as Elanor is at age 17, then I would have avoided some pitfalls in life! Ladies please meet my friend Elanor from Missing Lovebirds.

Elanor is one smart lady and well worth the read. The only reason I do interviews is because these girls are truly my favorites, and I think the world should know!  So without further adeu...
Who/what inspires your outfits?
Everything and anything, honestly. I'm inspired by what I see in the world and what intrigues me. I live in the San Fransisco bay area, so the culture and style around here is really easy to be inspired by. And of course, the blogger community never ceases to inspire me!
Where did the name Elanor come from (is it a family name?)
My name actually comes from J.R.R Tolkien's Middle-earth world. "Elanor" is a small star-shaped yellow flower, meaning 'sun-star' in the fictional Elvish language Sindarin of Middle-earth. My parents always liked the name (how ever the spelling) and they were huge Tolkien fans as well - so they chose Elanor, using Tolkien's spelling.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I always enjoy finding ways to improve my blog in my spare times, as well as just blogging in general. I've really gotten into photography, as well. And of course I spend time with my friends, family and boyfriend in my spare time too!
How do you like your coffee or tea?
Unfortunately I don't really like tea unless it's really sugary (I'm horrible!) and coffee-wise, I like it with milk and sugar (Still horrible!). Lately I've cut back on coffee in the morning, though, because I have a feeling it's giving me stomach aches! :(
What genre of book do you enjoy reading?
I'm not too particular - I enjoy most genres! It really just depends on my mood and what I'm up for. For the most part, though, I like a book that is going to surprise me and make me think. Those are always great!
If you had all the money you needed, what store would you shop at?

Honestly, I absolutely love thrifting and the hunt. If I had all the money I needed, I think I'd travel around in search for the best thrift stores and spend my money there! I don't see the need for super expensive, high-end designer wear! Although, if I did have all the money I needed, I suppose I'd check out some designer wear, just to see. ;)

How do you style your new pixie cut?
When I first got it cut a little more than a week ago, I used some gel for the bangs and sides, but I was noticing that by the end of the day, this was making my hair somewhat greasy and I wasn't too fond of it. So then I stopped with the gel. Now, basically I get out of the shower, and use a plastic, thin bristle brush for my hair. I push the sides forward and in front of my ears, and typically the bangs are slid over my head in the way styled in most of my photos. That's it!
Don't you want to be her friend now?
Thank you Elanor for answering my questions : )


  1. aww chaucee! thanks so much! this was awesome, and as I told you before, your questions were so unique compared to what I've seen before... :)

    thanks again, hun. you're great! <3

    xx elanor

  2. Aww, I love elanor's blog! This is such a great interview :)

  3. I love Elanor's blog...I agree, I wish I was as grounded at 17 as she is. She is gorgeous and has a awesome sense of style. Lovely interview!

  4. Oh I love that stripped sweater! It reminds me of one my grandpa had when I was a kid and I coveted it then too.

  5. loved this Chaucee.
    i <3 missing lovebirds.
    i WANT her haircut. so beautifull

  6. eeek! i was so excited to read this because i adore elanor and her blog! this was such a good interview, the questions were very unique! :) love love love this!

  7. she's such a DOLL! visiting her blog now. :)

  8. Great interview Thanks for the link! :)

  9. Elanor is such a fun blogger! If I could go back 6 years, i'd want my 17 year old self to be more like her!!


  10. elanor is lovely, i enjoyed reading this interview <3

  11. love the pants in the last photoo!!xx


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