Style Files: A Girl, Her Bag, And A Covered Bridge

Warning: This post is a little, no a lot, picture heavy (was that correct grammar?). 
I just knew I wouldn't be able to part with this sweater when I got it.  It's 20% wool which makes it SUPER warm, maybe a little be itchy, but we all have our imperfections, right? I see a new relationship brewing....
I also totally and completely adore this bag. It's something I would describe as totally me down to the color and the pattern and every other detail.  It's something that makes me feel so awesome when I get to carry it around.  Is it normal for an accessory to make one person so happy?

I haven't wore these boots in such a long time. I know, what's wrong with me?  they are a great classic black boot and a comfortable. Another great Target purchase under my belt. These fellows have lasted me years!
Today was quite the busy day. My sister and I went out to lunch with Grandma, then helped her pick up her brand new iPad at the local store. I hope she loves it! I can now say that my Grandmother is more hip than I am me. I feel so proud : )


  1. That sweater looks so so so cozy. I hope the scratchiness wears off over time. Is that possible? And, I love covered bridges. We have a few where I'm from and people are always so proud of them!

    The Auspicious Life

  2. seriously, that bag is perfection. I WANT IT. ;)

  3. your grandma has a ipad!?! she is waaaaaaaay more awesome than me! :)
    i love these pictures..absolulty wonderful.
    and that bag....AMAZING!!!
    i love all things plaid!
    this is one of my favorite outfit post!

  4. family just bought my grandfather an ipad for Christmas. Grandparents are way cooler than us. I absolutely love the covered bridge. That's Lancaster right? There are a ton in Chester county as well. Your sweater & bag = completely amazing. xx Marisa

  5. I love your bag and boots! And covered bridges are my favorite. <3

  6. Love these photos and that sweater! Ah, it looks so warm!!


  7. The background of these photos is beautiful. I don't blame you for taking a bazillion pictures!

    That sweater is gorgeous too. I love all of the colors, and it looks so cozy. Perfect for winter. :)

  8. Oooh I also love that sweater! No matter how many sweaters I buy, there is always another nice cozy one around the corner! (I just got one on sale today for $10. I love post holiday sales!)

  9. Thanks for the comment darling ! love these images ! now following via bloglovin :)

  10. Your granny sounds pretty cool! I love your cardigan, these photos are so nice.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  11. UM... if that's the bag I think it is, I've been stalking that Etsy store for months! Either way, the bag is gorgeous, and you should flaunt it. haha

  12. That bag is amazing!! Great print and details.

    And umm how AWESOME is your Grandma?! Sheesh. That's so adorable that you guys went tech-shopping together :)

  13. Beautiful photos! and you look beautiful also, awesome outfit, love your hair again, you look great! :)

  14. That bag is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I AM IN LOVE!!


  15. I love that sweater and that bag - oooh I love it!

    xo Robyn


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