Looking Back: 2010

I've gathered some images from my favorite posts to share with you. I'll be sharing some of my thoughts on 2010 later this week. Hope you have a great day!
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Thanks for going on this journey with me and checking back daily. It seriously makes me so happy : )


  1. Such sweet pictures! I am glad that I found your blog, I love your style!

  2. perfect post my dear! :)

  3. i think the fourth and the last photos are my favourites. you're just SO adorable ALL. the. time. <3

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  5. I check back daily. I am hooked on my dashboard like I used to be on Facebook! I really love your photos - they are all bright and happy! I was wondering how you took the one of your knitting - you can see so clearly the finest details of the yarn! I really need to take a photography class or something. My "skills" are garbage straight out of the 90s, when I learned to use a camera :) Thanks for being so dedicated to giving me something to read every day!

  6. The composition of your photos is so nice! I've enjoyed reading blog this year!

  7. man. i want ur dimples. and your hair. and ur cute style sense. ok we can't be friends because u make me covet too much *wink*

    cute blog!! love ur cowls. :[]


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