Style Files: Counting Down

24 more days until Christmas!
And so the countdown begins : )
Sorry to scare you with that huge heading, but if there's one thing you need to know about me it's that I LIVE for Christmas and winter. It is seriously the best time of year (that song isn't joking). So just take it in stride if I suddenly start talking about Christmas cheer, gingerbread houses, decorating the Christmas tree, and whatnot quite a bit more on the blog. I hope you don't mind : )
It's really going to be a sad day when the leaves are all gone.  For now there are some late bloomers that I've been enjoying, but winter is soon to come (or at least that's what's supposed to happen, but who knows with this warmer autumn weather we've been having the past two months!).
Also check out the new Olivia cowl I added to the shop the other day. I like how the black and gray intertwine when wrapped around several times.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


  1. Trust me girl, you have nothing to worry about on your blog. I didn't mean to make you paranoid! You are super lovely and so is your blog :]

  2. Oh, and you have THE cutest cowls around and you always look so put together in your outfits. I wish I could look half as put together as you most days ;]

  3. love christmas. love the blazer. love the cowl.
    (no wonder we make such lovely friends)

  4. Oh, I'm loving that black and grey cowl! You have such a talent for making those scarves :)
    That blazer looks lovely on you as well! And please, talk about Christmas as much as you like on your blog! I would love to live vicariously through your christmassy words/photos while I'm stuck under a big pile of homework :)

  5. I still love the jacket and the mixing cowls! I'm going to try and find one for myself!


  6. I am SO glad you all comment. Seriously, It makes me day that much better. And I'm glad you blog as well! It provides countless bouts of inspiration for me daily.

  7. How dare you showcase your Christmas cheer. Won't anybody think of the Grinch?! ;D

    Love your look. Just brilliant!

  8. you look so sophisticated! and cute!'
    i'm excited for christmas too! i'm hoping it'll be great. :)

    xx elanor

  9. i love these photos - it just looks beautiful there!

  10. chaucee that cowl is amazing.
    you are SO talented.
    these pictures are wonderful...!!!
    i can not wait til christmas..this year went by so fast!!

  11. Bring it on! I love everything Christmas and cant wait to see what you post :)

  12. i LOVE that cowl. sooooo good. i might just have to scoop one up :)


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