Daily Life: I Live For Saturdays

You know those people in your life that you never get to spend enough time with? Well for me that's my roommate Ellen.  We become good friends last semester and decided to room together so we could hang out more, but in fact we see each other less than we did before! I guess that's partly the fault of my three jobs...Whoops!

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We first started things off with the trip to a local diner. They have pretty affordable prices, slow service, but good food. And we were willing to wait : )
Can you tell how tired we are in these photographs?
Afterwards we headed off to do some errands then off to the Farmer's Market! I don't know about you but I love going to markets.  There's nothing like home made and home grown food.

There are so many hard decisions to make
especially when involving banana chips
And when there are so many options,
its hard to narrow it down.
While I was photographing the fruits and vegetables, the stand owner was laughing and smiling at me. When I asked him if he minded, he said I was just one of the many "young people" that come to take pictures. I guess we all have an eye for delicious treats!

Do you like going to farmers markets?


  1. Um, yum. Too much tastiness going on here. Your photos are mouthwatering!!

  2. oh i love this post.
    i love love love love love diners and farmers markets.
    esp in the spring and fall.
    you are so beautiful..i love the first picture. :)

  3. Every Saturday we have a big indoor farmer's market in the winter but it's like 45 min away and I hate driving! Plus I usually work... I love these shots though, it's always fun to see what your favourite bloggers do in real life!


  4. oh "young people". :)
    How lucky to have such a great friend/roommate! And I agree with what Shy said. :)

  5. Oh do I ever live for Saturdays as well! This is such a cute post. I do love farmers markets though I haven't been to one in quite some time. Little diners like that are great. Have you ever been to the Melrose or Penrose in Philly? Tom Jones is also one of my favs though it is outside of Philly. Beautiful photos as always:) Xx Marisa

  6. Yum! That all looks delicious and you captured the food so well with your amazing photography.
    The Auspicious Life

  7. Lovely photos, Chaucee! Photographing food is so difficult, but you nailed it!

  8. Aww, you look so lovely! And that farmer's market looks chock full of wonderful things. I've only been to one farmer's market (in California) and I absolutely LOVED it, so I really need to try to get to some local ones!

  9. I am none too pleased with my current weekend living but those weekdays just speed past so I don't mind waiting for glorious Sat and Sundays quite so much :D Nearly there!

  10. what a sweet post. i love good friends. <3 and i LOVE the farmer's market! and yummy diners. :)

  11. girl i love the picture of you slurping coffee. so cute. also, has anyone ever told you you look like leighton meester? cause i think you do :)

  12. how fun! and you take such great photos!


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