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An easy breezy, comfortable outfit for a very chilly day. Although I started to regret wearing tights around noon.  Flurries were everywhere!
This coat I got about four Christmases ago and its still one of my favorites.  The silhouette is just darling on it! The yellow gloves I got at Target last season and are still super warm (perfect for a day like this!). My boots I actually got a second hand store, and even though they are falling apart, they are still one of my favorite pairs.
Also, if you're in the mood for double the inspiration today, then check out my friend Marisa's blog as she did a post inspired by one of my outfits! Trust me, this girl has got it going on : )
Also, I am so excited I can barely contain myself. I have several exciting things to share with you and I'm SO bad at keeping secrets (unless its something important of course). But I love surprises!

Etsy Shop News: Place all orders by Dec 12th to ensure arrival by Christmas.


  1. Those shoes! I'm in LOVE with this outfit! You look fantastic.

  2. So how does one weasle information out of you? What 's with these news girl? :)

    Love your coat, especially with those gloves. Such a brilliant colour combination I am just melting into my swivel chair.. which reminds me.. I ought to be working right now. Back to the pit! (Hi ho?) :)

  3. Awesome blog! I've included it on a site I've created, which is a compilation of some of the best blogs in the city.

    Best of Blogs Philadelphia

  4. I love your boots SO MUCH! I dream of finding an awesome pair of perfectly broken in boots while thrifting some day. If they come too far apart, you can take them to a cobbler to get them fixed up - cobblers are magicians!

  5. i hopped on over here after reading the rants and raves about your happy little place from Marisa with Shades of Monet :) so happy to meet you my dear.

    your look is over the top fabulous...i can see why you are so admired :) that coat is absolutely wonderful, the dress is so beautiful...and don't even get me started on the boots :)

    not to mention your backdrop is so very enchanting.


  6. you really do have the best boot collection ever! I am jealous.


  7. You have the most amazing coat collection!
    I hate surprises, I am a need to know everything first kind of girl.
    (guess what the neighbors are at it again, drilling very loudly at 8 in the morning while hubby is trying to sleep after his night shift, grrr)

  8. Oh my cute is your coat!!!! It is a gorgeous silhouette and I love the color and toggles. I need to get on the ball w/ coats this year...I FINALLY picked out my casual/shorter one (one of my hubby's Christmas gifts to me). So I will be ordering one of your scarves to go with it later on this week...yay!!!! I can't wait to hear your news:) I love surprises as well, but I am far too nosy to just wait for them to come. I always try to figure them out before hand...hehe.

  9. Ooo, your color combo is simply ingenious today! Love the sea green/baby blue/true yellow together.

    Can't wait to hear your news!! :D

  10. I love your hat! The whole outfit is great!!

    I've just found your blog, I'm a new follower!!


  11. Such cute colors! I love the cardi and your coat. It's an adorable outfit!

  12. i absolutely love this! your layering is darling darling darling. and the colors are THE BEST.

    i can't wait to see all your surprises! ;)

    xx elanor

  13. One of my favorite outfits! I am putting this one in my inspiration folder.

  14. Ahhh I love that coat! And a winter outfit that's colorful!

  15. you little cutie. :) i just love this outfit!


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