Inspiration: Florals, Prints, Stripes

I've been looking at my wardrobe lately and I think it's time for an overhaul. I want to totally re-do my look.  I have been trying for a very long time to find "my" style, and every now and then I think I have it, but then I go back into something else (I'm not quite sure what) and then I loose it. But here are a few dresses that I think have my style. I want to go for a little bit more of a simplistic look, a little bit more grown-up, and slightly more polished. I think this starts with buying from quality stores.

I'm also thinking of putting some of my personal clothing items up for sale here on the blog. What do you think of that? I'm going to put up some dresses and a few scarves, potentially some shoes as well.  I'll let you know when everything is set up.


  1. Good for you! It's so hard to get rid of material possessions, but so good for you and so worth it. I definitely think you should put up some items for sale on your blog! I just made $35 this morning! ;-)

  2. I love the belted dress look, but unfortunately it makes me look like a shapeless teenage boy... dangit!
    Good luck with your sales!

  3. Chaucee, you have no idea how much I relate to your post. Every so often I go through weird periods where I can't quite figure out my style and want I want to wear. Sometimes with blogging and taking notice of what people wear around me gets overwhelming, and I lose my own style sense and what makes me me. If you put up some of your items for sale, I would definitely check them out. If you boots any boots up, I'm hoping we're the same shoe size ;)

  4. Ah! I love all of these dresses- in fact! I own the one on the left and right...which is probably kind of sad. Ha:) I understand looking at your closet and wondering where the "you" is- but sometimes, all it takes is going to Goodwill and picking up some new pieces for me to be completely inspired with them again. You know? But there is nothing wrong with change either. It is the new year, after all!

  5. I don't know if people ever really "find" their style. I think it's more the other way around, actually. I think you can hone in on what your personal style is, but style finds you according to your daily life and overall lifestyle... and life... well, it's always changing, so I wouldn't be too worried about your style always changing with it. I think that's a good thing! Infuse Chaucee into whatever style has found you at that moment, and it will be authentic. Does that make sense?

    The dresses above are fabulous. You'd look amazing in all three!

  6. I completely relate to how you feel. I struggle with finding and defining my style, and sometimes I think looking at countless blogs confuses me more. Good luck with your closet clean out and I'm looking forward to watching your new ideas take shape!

  7. Goodness I know the feeling of thinking you've found your style and then backtracking. Thats the beauty of clothes though, you can ALWAYS change them tomorrow. stripes and florals together is one of my favorite combos though!


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