Style Files: Elanor Inspired + Vintage Vanderbilt

When I first found this jacket at the local thrift store I about passed out. It's absolutely perfect. It's a vintage college jacket from Vanderbilt University. Funny thing is that I used to live like 5 minutes away from Vanderbilt for a semester of college, but yet I found it back here in my home state.  Funny how those things work out :D
I am also wearing the newest cowl to the shop, called the Amelia. The shop is only going to be open for another month since I'll be going to Israel, so act fast now! Don't forget that I also give 10% off to readers with the code streetsandstripes.  I'm sorry I sound like a broken record when it comes to the shop, but I get a lot of comments saying how everyone wants one, and since we're all friends I wanted to give you a discount! Okay, end of story. I'm done now :D
This outfit was inspired by none other than the missing bird herself Elanor! When I first saw her outfit post on her blog I got excited because I had similar items in my own wardrobe.  You have no idea how excited I was to get up this morning and pull together this outfit. I love when that happens! So what do you think....did I do it?
Lots of exciting things have been happening around here.  First off I got an external hard drive (I get pretty stoked about such things), I got my hair fixed (yay!), I'm making more sales and more cowls at the shop (more on that later) and I'm preparing for my internship in the summer and for studying abroad this semester. Phew! That is an exhausting list to look at. But I'm so glad to be staying busy


  1. Chaucee! Where did you get those shoes? I need them in my life! Also! I like your hair... the lighter color is pretty! :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. ahhh..
    what will i do with out you and your blog!!??!!!
    i want to go to Israel! that is going to be amazing for you!
    this outfit is perfect. the red blazer looks so good on you..
    (my mom went to Vanderbilt for undergrad..)
    have a wonderful tuesday love.

  3. Wow your outfit is lovely, that red blazer is an amazing find! Love your boots also. Sounds like you have a lot of fun exciting things planned for 2011! xx

  4. Will you still be blogging from israel?! I hope so! I'm going to start trying to do more outfit shout outs! You got Elanors perfectly!


  5. Success!! And your hair looks FANTASTIC. And yeah I second Shy, I certainly hope you'll be blogging from Israel!

  6. Love this whole outfit~!
    I love your cowls sooo much!!!
    they look soo cozy♥


  7. I LOVE this! That jacket is so, so awesome. This might be an outfit I need to copy now too!

  8. ooo! so cute! the vintage coat is perfect! and of course, your shoes are amazing. :) i think you got my outfit spot on! i should do an inspired by post at some point!

    xx elanor

    p.s LOVE your hair!

  9. love your version of this. the red definitely pops.

  10. You and red are great together! I also was surprised to see your hair up. You have awesome hair, for sure, you you also have a GORGEOUS face little lady! That's what I love about seeing hair up - really getting to see your beautiful face. I stinkin love this outfit. And actually pratical walkin shoes! I need that for the snowy winter :)

  11. oohh, SO CUTE. i absolutely love that jacket!

    you leave so soon! how long will you be in israel? what an amazing experience that will be!

  12. That jacket is such an amazing find! I think you totally pulled the look off. :)

  13. i adore this outfit! that jacket is incredible. and i'm saving up for one of your scarves, they are SO cozy and cute! <3

  14. I love this look!
    The jacket is so beautiful, and great in red!
    And those shoes O_O wow! I adore them so much! They are really wonderful!
    Great job!


  15. Oh my gosh...IN LOVE with everything about this outfit!! The jacket is incredible - it reminds me of a navy one I have from years back. Hmm, maybe I'll have to dig it out again. This is definitely going in my inspiration file as well:) You did a perfect job with your take on Eleanor's look. She is absolutely gorgeous.

    Will you be blogging from Israel? Sounds amazing!! What an awesome opportunity.

  16. Love that blazer, the university badge on it is great. Such a bold colour!

  17. Love, love, love the blazer! And it's red... gimme, gimme!

  18. that blazer is magnificent! so awesome. sounds like you're going to have a pretty exciting life for a while! :)

  19. oohh i think it's my first time seeing your hair in a bun, great look:)


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