Style Files: Courage

I named this post "courage" because that's exactly what it takes to get out there in the snow and take your coat off.  I find that I'm giving myself a pep talk each time before I head outside. Anybody else know what I mean? I'm just happy to have a smile on my face in some pictures! Ha, I'm so frozen.
 Ps This skirt is not the one I wore earlier but it's from Gap for $9! Don't you love steals?  I'm also wearing my new fleece lined tights.  Twitter pretty much blew up this weekend when I tweeted my new find because it's THAT good of an idea! And they really work!  So from one girlfriend to the next....get yourself a pair of fleece lined tights!! Mine are from Target and I couldn't find the link to them online, but I did come across this website...It looks like they could work.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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