Love, Etc.

Just because its Valentine's Day that does not mean I want to see pictures of you and your lover swapping spit. I'm sorry, but it's just not a cute picture.  So instead I'll share with you what happened last Valentine's Day.
Last v-day I also had brown hair and bangs. Oh my! Ps Take a peak at my sweet new necklace I got. It's still a favorite.
Strawberry shooters from Applebee's - possibly the best thing on this earth. Next to peppermint hot chocolate.
And there's the chocolate!
Basically it was a pretty great day.  But this is how my Valentine's Day looks this year.

*Just a quick disclaimer - no I'm not bitter about couples or people who kiss, I'm just not huge on public PDA. And even though a blog is a personal is on the internet which makes it public. It's just something that kind of grosses me out. Sorry. If I have to live with you making out with your boyfriend all over my computer screen then you'll have to forgive me for not enjoying it : )

Happy Valentine's Day!
Ps - You should watch this video in honor of today.

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