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Please don't hate me. I'm just not as good at the whole remixing thing like all the other girls are. Having a limited wardrobe is proving to test my limits of coming up with cute outfits. And I'm not even doing the 30 for 30! I'm just studying abroad!
At least I can still wear my stripes and cheetah.  Oh! And this bag was one of my first purchases when coming here. I only plan on getting very very few things while I'm over here. I would rather spend my money on going places (like a museum, new coffee shop, or going out to eat).

Well I have class pretty soon so I'm going to have to sign off, but have a great rest of your day!

Shirt, Jeans, Tank: Target
Bag: Old City vendor in Jerusalem
Belt: Urban Outfitters (gift)
Cowl: Taylor House

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