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Hey guys! In case you're interested here is a look at my room while I'm in Israel. But to keep the fashion going here on S&S here are some Loved Looks. It's been a while since I've put one together so here are some of my recent favorites!
1. I just adore these fur trimmed booties + the maroon cowl.
2. Bonnie channeled a little bit of Annie Hall and got the look straight on.  She's the epitome of comfy chic.
3. I'm taking tips from this chic lady when I go out in the cold. I love her traditional print mixed in with her leather boots and mustard tights. Simply beautiful.  And the hat!
4. A beautiful take on the classic floral dress and leather boots. Beautiful.
5. What can I say?  This lady has it all together.
6. Wedge boots and a vintage sweater...what more could be better?
7. Jen looks adorable in this green coat and striped scarf.
8. I adore this vintage fur cowl on this beautiful young lady.  Stunning texture.
9. Once again Jen nails it with the accessories.  These wedges are to die for!
10. Can you believe Essi is only 16?  I swear kids are getting more and more fashionable every generation. I love her quote as well: “I like to keep my style simple and clean-cut. I like to wear layered looks and warm accessories. My friends inspire my style.”

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