Style Files: Flashback

So I actually took these photos when I was home (hence the snow) but I'm actually wearing this same dress to church in Israel so this counts, right? :D
Besides incurable motion sickness, the flight went well - thank you for all your prayers! Yesterday was orientation and registration at the college. I got in some awesome culture, history, and field experience courses. We also did a photo scavenger hunt which was fun way to see the city again (I'm not sure if I told you, but I was in Israel two years ago for a 10 day trip with my college).
The weather here is really unpredictable.  It rained in the morning, then was blessedly sunny outside, then it got hot and kind of humid, then cold, and then rainy again. My hair can't stand all these temperature changes!

Also, unless I can get someone to take my style photos (which is kind an uncomfortable thing to explain and ask someone, ha) I don't think I'll be able to post many outfit photos, but we'll see. I might be able to sneak someone when most people are in class.

Until next time!

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