Oliver Is Back + Happy One Year!

Yesterday I got to see my family! They're in Israel for a tour and I met up with them at the airport. It was fun to welcome them here : ) I had to come back to school last night but it was a good couple of hours seeing each other. I look forward to this weekend when we'll be together again!

This weekend they're going to the Dead Sea and hiking Masada. That means I'll be hiking Masada for the third time. I'm going to start stretching now if you don't mind. That thing is a BEAST!
These were the first photos I took when I got my camera (Oliver) fixed. My parents paid for the fix for my 21st birthday which is coming up the end of this month! I still haven't been able to retrieve those street style pics I took that were lost when my card died, but I'm just glad to have Oliver back in my hands again. 
However, I do have something to admit. While Oliver was in the shop I did some camera (lust) shopping. Is that considered cheating? I felt kind of bad since, you know, he was in the shop getting fixed for all the good he does for me. Then I bought him some ice cream to call it peace but he wouldn't eat it! So I had to. The things I do for this relationship!
Skirt: Francesca's, Boots & Tank & Tights:Target, Cardigan:Gap (Borrowed)
I actually got around to writing up a FAQ post. I'm pretty proud of myself : )

Also I just realized that today exactly marks one year for Streets and Stripes. I'm so glad I thought to check today! So thanks everyone for being my friend and reading & commenting : ) Now come to Jerusalem and we can celebrate!

Ps For those who are reading in Google Reader or Blog Lovin', hop on over to the new site. I have a new design! And yes, this outfit made the header :D

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