Style Files: Over The Weekend!

This past week has been absolutely insane.  Passover and Easter is one of the most popular times to be in Jerusalem and I could definitely tell! Over 100,000 tourists flooded the city and the whole week was focused on God.

This is the outfit I wore for Easter. We went to the sunrise service at the Garden Tomb at 6:30. It was awesome! I was even interviewed for CBN news which was pretty crazy. I never get picked for stuff like that! Then I waited for another service at Christ's Church later on in the morning.  The rest of the day was studying for my final (which I have today) and sitting out in the sun.
Then around 4pm we did an Easter Egg hunt on campus :D Yes, we are all in our 20s or orlder and still doing egg hunts! Of course! What else would we do on Easter? Then after dinner there was a choire from the Faroe Islands at a nearby church and a group of us went to go have a listen.  They were pretty good but I was exhausted from having to wake up at 4am that morning. And now I want to visit the Faroe Islands. They look stunning!

What did you do for Easter? Score any chocolate candy from the Easter Bunny?

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