I've been looking back on old photographs of my time spent in Israel (hard to believe these were taken just one month ago!) and it's making me miss the place pretty hard. It will always hold a special spot in my heart. These photos are from the time when I went to Nazareth with a few friends. I hope you enjoy!
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A couple weekends ago on a Tuesday and Wednesday (July 25&26) me and three friends went to visit Nazareth. Because we all work at a hostel in Jerusalem we were able to stay at their sister hostel in Nazareth for free! We all needed a break from the busyness of Jerusalem and this trip was just the remedy. Nazareth is a very calm and quiet town! I was constantly wondering where all the people were :D

We met up with our friend Haythem who lives in Nazareth and he showed us the  best place to get falafel.  We wanted to compare it to Jerusalem falafel and at least in my book Nazareth falafel won out. It was delish!

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