Redeeming Streets and Stripes

I would like to ask you to take the time to read this. I know we all hate too much text on fashion blogs but this is really important to me. However, if you are feeling like a more ligh-hearted post is in order for you today please refer to this one.

This past month has been very confusing here on the blog front. I took a break from Streets & Stripes and then came back. Then I started The Fieldbook and now have BOTH blogs to run. I'm pretty confused myself!  After reading this post written by Indiana about redeeming her own fashion blog I realized that's exactly what I should do with Streets & Stripes.

I fist closed S&S because I didn't want people in my real life to read what I'm doing. A style blog is already awkward enough, and the comments I was getting in real life were making me extremely uncomfortable .... enough to leave S&S. But after reading that post by Indiana things really came into perspective for me about style blogging.

Fashion ISN'T my life and I think that's a healthy thing. This blog is really more about finding personal style and learning to be creative and expressive through the way you dress.  But that's not the only thing Streets and Stripes is about. It's also about me as a person. My favorite kind of posts to do are the daily life posts. I love sharing images from my life and documenting it down so I have memories to keep and look back on. So that's why I'm going to even out the style posts and the daily life posts so I can accurately represent who I am and what I really value in life. While I really enjoy clothes and fashion there's also more to life. And having a balanced blog will help me remember that and hopefully help everyone else remember that as well.

So with that said it's back to regular blogging here on Streets and Stripes! This week is going to be exciting because I have a fun giveaway coming up : )


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