Style Files: August 23

I was SO excited to photograph and share this outfit because I feel like I hit the nail on the head STRAIGHT on when trying to find my new style. I love the muted colors, the stripes of the tank top and the straps of the sandals. It all comes together and fits with what I'm trying to turn my wardrobe into! My mom kept asking if I wanted to iron my skirt before photographs but I thought we were trying to keep it real here on the blog so I declined : )
Today was also my first day of school. Its kind of crazy to get back into that rhythm all of the sudden. I feel like I have so much to handle on my plate! It also doesn't help that I worked the first day of classes. Oh well. This year is going to be crazy insane but I need to work hard to make everything good and everyone happy. It's my last year at the University and it's going to be a good one!

The past couple days have been CRAAAzzzzy because of the storm. The girls in the bottom floor of my apartment got flooded and had to relocate. They had JUST moved in all their stuff and classes started the next day. Poor ladies! But it made for some interesting stories, ha.

Cardigan, Skirt, Top: Gap
Belt: Target
Shoes: a store in Jerusalem

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