The Ability Of Expression

When did I loose the ability to express myself with language? To even remember the words I was intending to speak? I've noticed my memory has littered away. As a child, I used to read and read until never ending days. But now I'm occupied with other things. Like the internet. Like mass media. Like trying to stay ahead of the game.

A goal that I've had for a long time has been to increase my reading. It's something I really enjoy and (I think) a value that is lost on today's generation. Instead, sitting on the couch with a book has become a sort of renaissance picturesque depiction of a reality that's loosing its grip and allure in mass culture. It becomes something that people fantasize about doing rather than experiencing. In fact, I think it's rather in vogue to express a lust and fantasy for a good book and a comfy couch, but when it comes down to it, can we really read for more than 15 minutes at a time?

What books are you reading right now? How do you challenge yourself?

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