Clean and Simple

Comparison is the thief of joy.
Theodore Roosevelt

Note: This looks like a lot of words! You can totally skip over if you want. Here's the short version: Hi, I'm Chaucee, and I sometimes have a lot to say. Okay, so I said a bit more than that. If you're curious then give it a go, but if not see you tomorrow!

Isn't that the truth? I am surrounded by creative and inspiring people every single day. The kind of people who express themselves in unique ways whether that's through music, fashion, or blogging. It's hard not to bring out the yard stick and see where I measure up. But the other day when I was relaxing on my bed with a good book I realized that even though I still have my doubts from time to time, I really like who I am and the way I express that.

My style is pretty simple and straightforward. It's not unexpected and it's pretty clean. And that's exactly what I need in my life. My life, my work, my emotions, my environment, and my culture is pretty hectic, and if I'm being honest, a little all over the place at times. I need to have some sort of style that calms me down, brings me peace, and lets me be who I want to be. I like wearing simple, well constructed, and somewhat classic pieces because that frees me up to sometimes step outside the lines and then come back inside the lines when I need to. I find that when I'm wearing an outfit that I feel myself in, I can be ready to focus on other things throughout the day instead of constantly coming back to "this shirt isn't fitting right" or "I'm still unsure about this neon bodysuit" (disclosure, I've never tried on a bodysuit, other than my ballerina days, and most certainly not a neon one, but I do admit they look tempting!).

That's why I think it's so important to constantly pursue your own style. For me it's for the pursuit of finding peace, the ability to say what I want to say about myself before people even speak to me, and feeling comfortable with myself in every aspect of the word. Also, if you finished reading this post, then let me know in the comments! We can totally be best friends : )

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