Kicking Ass And Taking Charge

Every once in a while something happens that challenges you to re-focus and re-work your life. One of those moments happened to me while on vacation this week (perfect timing, right?). Instead of sitting in self-pity and wondering why in the world this was happening, I decided to get pro-active and take ahold of my future. I'm not one for sitting around doing nothing, so I've been hunting and searching for answers and opportunities these past couple of days.  While the future looks scary and a little bit unknown, I do know that what I can do is valuable and who I am is valuable, and even though others might not see that through an online posted resume or a quick email, I don't want to settle for anything less than where I know I can thrive. So here's to taking charge. Independent, strong women is where it's at!

These photos were taken a few days ago while on vacation in Ocean City, NJ. 

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