Thoughts on Menswear

This is what I wore to the photography exhibit I went to on Friday in Northern Liberties.

I'm finding myself subscribing to more and more menswear fashion blogs.  I'm more inspired by them. Maybe it's because its a market that isn't quite as saturated yet (as the women's fashion blogging scene is). Or maybe it's because more often than not there's more thought put into dressing, and less cheap "fast-food fashion" and more pieces that require a investment and therefore are of a higher quality. Whatever it is I'm eating it up. 

IFB posted an article with some thoughts on menswear fashion that has been mulling over in my mind the past day. And with it brought some questions to my mind.

Do you find menswear fashion blogs to be more original than womenswear fashion blogs? 
How do you see menswear fitting into the blogging scene? 
What are your thoughts on a man who is thoughtfully dressed?

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