Brooklyn Circus Pop Up Shop

Ladies and gentlemen The Brooklyn Circus has come to town. Along with local shop owners like Peg & Awl, the Brooklyn Circus has come to town putting on a pop-up shop at 3rd and Arch (the Swanger Bros) until the end of the week!

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The shop is magnificently curated with goods ranging from Mast Brothers Chocolate to Me and Arrow leather goods, and the latest tees from the BK Circus. The exposed brick wall and strip lighting made me want to settle in for a few hours and browse the racks.
Warby Parker had their full collection on display as well as some sepcs from their new line, as well as sunglasses.
Pop up shops like these really sell home the handmade shop owners, the independent start ups, and the people who are doing what they love and doing it well. It's inspiring to see such quality craftsmanship in a culture that's so entranced with fast and cheap production of goods.

The only thing I wish they had done differently was have some music playing in the background. Taj and I walked in and it felt kind of uncomfortably quiet. But, that's just a small detail in the grand scheme of things. Plus it might have just been turned off for that half hour we were there anyways. Sometimes these things happen! But it'd be interesting to pursue the thought of how music influences us while we shop. I guess I was so used to hearing some tunes that when I walked into a place that offered me silence instead, it kind of threw me off for a bit. 

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