MY PICKS: Fall 2012 Hair Styles

First, let's start this off with a bit of a disclaimer. Sometimes I can do my hair, most times I can't. It's actually kind of quite silly to be doing a "hair guide" since I wouldn't consider myself anywhere near qualified, but in an effort to try something new, here we go! These hairstyles are low maintenance and easy to do ... just the way I like it.


The High Bun
Very easy, very clean, and something I did a lot of last year was the high bun. It's the perfect solvent to a bad hair day, and makes you look instantly Parisian. Or at least I like to think so...

Thick Side Braid & Curls
This style works well with my hair since I have shorter layers that are easy to shake out of the braid.  I've always liked the way braids have looked, and wearing different variations of this hairstyle is definitely in the works for fall this year.
Twisted Braids
This hairstyle was achieved by tying two low braids and then twisting them into a bun. It's just another way to do a low bun in a different way! Low maintenance and right up my ally.
 The Covered Ponytail
Now this is a hairstyle I wear all year round, but thought it's just a solid goody to share. I also incorporated a dramatic side part into the style as well. It's a style that works better with straight hair when worn down, but pulled back into a bun or a low ponytail, a dramatic side part works wonders!

What's your go-to hairstyle?

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