Visiting Anne Klein // Philadelphia

Last week Jacqui and I stopped in at the new Anne Klein location at 17th & Walnut in Center City. The Anne Klein brand has already established longevity. They have a look, a quality and a classiness that's been associated with their brand irrevocably. But this season they've really revamped the the whole face of the brand and gave it a fresh twist.

In general, shopping can easily become an experience if the store is designed well. It's all about the decor, the music, the clothes, the displays, the employees, and the colors of the place. The decor of this specialty retail store was especially beautiful! The sketches you see on the wall are actually original Anne Klein sketches! It was amusing to see the prices she labeled on some of the designs; $9.99 for a sweater and $15 for a bag! It was like shopping inside her sketchbook filled with designs from her early days. Absolutely inspiring! You could feel it in the air.

Anne, being a Leo herself, just introduced The Leo Collection, which really focuses on color, print, and quality. I love their take on revamping a simple shift dress,as well as the little lion emblem everywhere! This leather handbag (pictured above) I almost DIED over. Here are a few of my other favorites.

Favorite Picks

Anne Klein 

17th & Walnut
Philly, PA 19130
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  1. Beautiful images! I have to stop in one day.

  2. Beautiful images! I have to stop in one day.


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