Shopping Affects More Than Just Your Bank Account

Fashion has been often accused as frivolous, self-indulgent, and vain. And to some extent, I can agree with those sentiments. However, when people come together to combine both fashion and humanitarianism ... THAT'S what makes for guilt-free shopping.

Photography by Swabreen Bakr of 
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The Noonday Collection was started out of a love for people and a passion for fashion. While on a trip to Uganda in 2012, founder Jessica and her husband Joe were approached by their Ugadana friends about selling fair trade products from Uganda to help Jessica and Joe raise funds for an adoption they were going through in Rwanda. They loved the idea of helping women, and giving children a new start, so Jessica hosted her first Noonday trunk show and never turned back.
They have everything from bags, to home + gift, and accessories. But my favorite part of the website is reading through the stories of Noonday artisans, the women who come together to improve their lives through the work of their hands and the creativity of their minds.

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