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I'm a self-dye girl.  For the past two years I've been shunning the salons and going solo in my blonde adventures. There's been a few orange streaks along the way, but I felt like I kind had it together, until one fateful day...

I was a bit nervous trying out a new salon. I've been with the same hair dresser for 12 years, and every time I needed a color or cut I'd drive home to Lancaster. Changing hairstylists is no joke.  But after 6 months of negligence, I was ready to get my hair back into tip top shape, and fight away those winter blues.

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Last week I stepped into Salon Vanity, an upscale hair salon down in Center City Philadelphia on 17th and Walnut. I was greeted by Nina (the kind receptionist who helped guide me through the streets of Philadelphia to the steps of SV) who informed me that Beth, my stylist, would be with me shortly.

Beth walked me through the consultation, patiently listening to my dye job blues, and gave me several great suggestions on what we could try in order to achieve what I was looking for. So with a coffee in hand (I had three cups throughout my stay!) and a burst of confidence, I relaxed into my chair while Beth did her magic.

I have never walked away so thrilled with a haircut in my life! I didn't think it was possible to make my locks look this great. The two tone color is exactly what I was looking for, and Beth finished it off with a Brush Set blow-out. It made my hair silky smooth and gave me those big body curls! I was impressed that it didn't take a flat iron to make my curls that smooth and soft.

I believe in smiling in BOTH the before and after pictures. 

The finished product!

Thank you to the team at Salon boyfriend loves it!

What I Would Recommend:

Powerdose - It's a deep conditioning treatment that works through the hair shaft to give it an extra shine. It's perfect to use after you've had your hair colored!

Brush Set - This is not your typical blow-out. While it takes the same time as a regular blow-out, the Brush Set, uses about 13 brushes rolled into your hair to give those bouncy curls. I couldn't believe how good it looked!

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Photography by Jonifin Marvin Media
Words by Chaucee Stillman
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*In return for my honest opinion, the services I received at Salon Vanity were complimentary. But take heart, I'm not easily sweet-talked...the opinions and thoughts in this post were entirely my own.

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