Philly Style: Marissa

Good morning Philadelphia! I thought we'd shake things up this week and show on some style from the S&S Interns! First up is Marissa, a Temple student who started at S&S back in October.
Hey guys! Marissa here. I recently thrifted a pair of Rihanna-esque patent black stilettos from Buffalo Exchange. They're gorgeous, but here's the problem: it's impossible to rock them on the snowy (not to mention uneven and glass-strewn) sidewalks of Philadelphia. Plus they're really not fit for school, waitressing or the Barbary. But here's an example of how you can show them off without looking too, well, 'look at me!' 

For the coldest days of the year I chose a wintry, cable-knit cape (on sale at Kohl's) and dark forest green skinnies ($14 at ZARA.) And what brings it all together: a sentimental, hand-sewn bracelet from Portobello Markets in London. The dark green of the pants and shocking emerald of some of the beads on the bracelet foreshadow all the action green is going to be seeing throughout 2013. 

Photography by Chaucee Stillman

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