Be Your Own Valentine

With Valentine's day tomorrow we are JUST in time to help you out with your look!  Jacqui, a blogger and stylist, pulled together these looks for all Valentine's Day occasions, even if you are staying in!

Special Reservations

You made reservations for that swanky restaurant in the city, with that special someone, you want a look that says you care. Guys love women dressed overtly feminine, this is your chance to pull out the floral print dress or the dress that hugs your curves the right way. Do not show up in a pant suit or jeans, this is a special date, not movie night! Although, try not to "sex" it up too much, you might send the wrong signals. 

Family Brunch

Guess what?! It's happening, your parents want to hang out with you! You knew it would happen sooner or later, now you just have to make sure you look pretty rational, and not offensive. This dusty rose skater dress should help you overcome that situation, throw in some opaque tights too, in case the wind picks up. No matter what you decide to choose for accessories, make sure to keep it somewhat neutral, so the 'rents don't think you're some sort of gypsy!   And yes, regardless of how old you are, you're parents will still pinch your cheeks! 

Anti -Valentines's Day

So you don't have a significant other? Who cares! Celebrate all things Anti V-day with your girlfriends in a hot black lace, maxi dress. The red belt and socks show that you acknowledge what day it is, and the the camouflage jacket shows that you're a proud independent woman!

Office Friendly

Your office/ work place is being lenient on the dress code for Valentine's day, and you want to show your colleagues you're more than a black suit! Although you have to manage to make it look professional and somewhat within the limits of the dress code. Try a floral printed pencil skirt, rather than the usual black. Then just add a kitschy necklace to help better endorse the day!

Regardless of what you're doing this Valentine's day, have fun and enjoy yourself, whilst being fashionable!

Photography by Chaucee Stillman
Words by Jacqui of

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