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Conscious fashion isn't a hard sell.  There are many great companies out there doing big things, but there's something different about the Profugo Store.  They're not just about producing and marketing handbags. Through their Tailoring Training Program, they are educating women in Wayanad, India with skills to make quality handbags, as well as training them in Women Empowerment, Business, and spoken English.  They're taking conscious fashion to a whole new level.

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Founded in 2008 by Ashwin and Jenny Koleth, the goal of Profugo doesn't end with fashion. They also have a Water For Life project, an Agricultural and Farming Cooperative, and an English Language School.  Their goal is to provide communities with access to tools and resources that enable them to build a better quality of life. They do this through practical training, business education, and they work in ways that promote sustainability.
"Our hope at the end of the 6 month training program is to provide the women with the skill level, experience, and confidence to start a cooperative that provides products to the local region and merchandise to tourists. In addition, these five women are the first contributors to our Profugo Store."
On their website you get to know the women behind the bags as they go through this process. The five women enrolled in the Tailoring Training Program have designed these beautifully patterned bags that are now available for purchase on their website. And the most expensive bag is only $45!


Streets & Stripes chooses to partner with brands, individuals, and shops that we have major crushes on. The Profugo Store is one of them! Please take some time to support our sponsors and support Streets & Stripes! 

Words by Chaucee Stillman
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