IFB Conference 2013

On Wednesday afternoon, Melissa told me she was going to the last day of the IFB conference which was the very next ay.. I wasn't planning on attending at first, but after scoring a last minute deal on some tickets, I found myself on the 6am Megabus bound for New York City!

I heard the first day of the conference was pretty amazing, but I'm happy we chose to go to the second. I was interested in learning more technical skills of blogging like SEO, affiliate links, trademarks and copyright, and how to pitch to brands. The second day was packed full of information!
IFB had rounded up some awesome sponsors from Mail Chip to Bare Minerals, and Cambridge Satchel Company. Me and my girls had an awesome time getting our make up done and going through the goodie bags.

If you weren't able to make it out this year, you can catch up over at the IFB blog where they had live bloggers cover all the sessions.

Readers, were any of you at the IFB con?

Photography & Words by Chaucee Stillman
First published on www.streetsandstripes.com

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