Love Songs That Last

Written by Lindsay Thomson

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about how to express your feelings for your loved one - perhaps in a manner a bit gooier and mushier than usual. Whatever you have planned for the upcoming holiday, whether it consists of an extravagant night out or a quiethomemade dinner with just the right amount of candlelight, you are going to need the right music to accompany you. 

Photo: "Kiss by the Hotel de Ville" by Robert Doisneau, 1950.

And so, I present an eclectic mix of lovey-dovey tunes that is upbeat, bittersweet, and everywhere in between. You will find quite a few classics in this mix; they've stuck around this long for a reason, right? And how could I have left out a French song when the language is so irresistibly romantic? (If you're interested, you can find a translation of La Ciel Dans Une Chambre here.) Whatever your mood or your taste, I'm sure you will find a song in this mix to happily share with your beloved. Enjoy!

1. L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole
2. I've Got You Under My Skin - Frank Sinatra
3. Cheek the Cheek - Ella Fitzgerald
4. At Last - Etta James
5. I'll Be Seeing You - Billie Holiday
6. Sea of Love - Cat Power
7. Us - Regina Spektor
8. Can You Tell - Ra Ra Riot
9. Altas Hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich
10. La Ciel Dans Une Chambre - Carla Bruni
11. Night Sky - Andrew Bird
12. For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her (Live) - Simon & Garfunkel 

Written by Lindsay Thomson
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