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Founded by Ronnie Gouger & Jena Candeloro in early 2011, Hoof & Antler is the product of what happens when two people who are completely obsessed with flea marketing, antiquing, and thrifting fall in love and fill their small South Philadelphia apartment to the brim with vintage clothing, antiques and industrial home decor.  What initially was a hobby became much more the day that Ronnie and Jena realized that they had collected way too much and wanted to share their finds with the world.

There are plenty of vintage and antique shops on Etsy these days, but what makes Hoof & Antler set apart is that they see something special forgotten and abandoned items.
"At Hoof & Antler we love breathing new life into items that have long since been forgotten and take great pride in what we do. The thrill of the hunt motivates us to keep searching and digging deeper for those one of a kind finds."
In addition to running Hoof & Antler, Ronnie (32) is also a full time Systems Analyst and Jena (28) is a freelance Graphic Designer.  They live in South Philadelphia with their 14 year old Pug/Chihuaua, "Pugslee", and their 3 year old Morkie, "Basil."

Hoof & Antler ships worldwide and is happy to offer local pick-up for anyone living in the Philadelphia area! One great thing about Hoof & Antler is their menswear selection. They have everything from button ups to t-shirts and jackets.

Ronnie & Jena's finds have been featured both in print and online in the following publications:
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