First World Trash

 When the weather got warmer I knew it was time to break out the booze in the park. Right now it's that perfect weather right before it starts getting too humid in Philadelphia, so I met up with a friend and looked for greener pastures.

The wine bag pictured above is from First World Trash, a company that uses repurposed materials to create bags, wine satchels, laptop sleeves, makeup bags, wallets, and more! I'm glad to be using something that's more durable than the store's cheap plastic bags, better for the environment, and more stylish! If you're looking for a cute carrier for your next excursion make sure to check out their online stop at

How do you like to spend your Spring days?

Photography by Chaucee Stillman (the photos of me are by Abby)
Words by Chaucee Stillman
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