Spring Nail Trends That Work For Me

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I love getting my nails done. Well, let me clarify that. I don't actually like sitting in the salon for 1.5 hours, BUT I do like the results it gets me. Here are my personal favorite Spring nail trends that I've tried out so far! What trend is your favorite?

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Photo from here.

Bold Red

Don't get me wrong, red transcends all season, but this bright bold red brings a fresh twist to the classic shade for Spring. It also instantly makes your outfits look amazing! See here and here. This shade is Essie Navigate Her Polish from their Spring 2012 collection.

Photo from here.

Pastel Bue

Pastels are always in for Spring. I was actually kinda skeptical about painting my nails the shade of an Easter egg, but I actually like how it turned out! I think next time I may try out a pale lavender and see how that goes. This shade is Essie Borrowed & Blue.

Chevron Tip

I'm not one for the traditional tip-manicure, so this twist on the standard tip caught my eye! I love the chevron stripe in fashion, and it looks great on nails too. I chose a nude base with a black tip. 

Photo from here.


Oh yes I did honey : ) I can't tell you how much I loved having neon nails.  They look kind of red in these photos, but trust me they were neon pink and I loved them! They just INSTANTLY made any outfit that much better...even my gym outfit!


And of course the classic nude : ) These nails are great any time of the year, but the soft pink is perfect for Spring time! 

What nail trends do you like or want to try out?

Photography by
Jonifin Marvin, Hannah Eshleman, Chaucee Stillman, and Abigail Cramer
Words by Chaucee Stillman
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