Book Review: Travels With Face Hunter

Another street style book?  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical with this one. But I had been an admirer of Yvan Rodic's photography for a while so I knew I had to check out his latest book Travels With Face Hunter: Street Style From Around The World.

One thing about street style photography is that it seems so orchestrated these days. We all know girls are being gifted items to wear, and we often see photos like this that reveal the over-saturation of street style photographers. So why go on?
"Now, street-style photography - once a grassroots alternative to the mainstream, commercial fashion media - has itself become commercialized," Yvan Rodic.
Yvan parallels his photographs with his musings on photography, fashion, and what's going on in each city. It gives more of a story to the photographs. "It's not about fashion people inspiring fashion people anymore - it's about real life inspiring real people, all over the world," Rodic says of his new book.

Yvan does not often shoot with a shallow depth of field. His backgrounds are often crisp, and in focus, leaving the subject contextualized by their surroundings.
"This new book shows the evolution of my work as I've moved from being a street-style blogger to something more like a cultural explorer," Rodic.

Rodic was oftentimes invited to visit cities and towns by people who followed him on social media or through the Face Hunger blog. He admits to enjoy traveling without a guidebook, believing that it would lead him to authentic experiences.

In this book Rodic travels to Moscow, Helsinki, Sydney, Beirut, St Petersburg, London, Istanbul, and of course, New York. His musing on each city are spot on. His eye for a storyline weaves its way all through the book, so you end up feeling like you know just a little bit more about the each city than just the fashion.

You can pick up Travels With Face Hunter at Amazon for $16.99.

Photography by Yvan Rodic
Words by Chaucee Stillman
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