It's supposed to rain the next four days here in Philadelphia. The transition has been pretty rough with the unexpected weather patterns, strong gusts of wind, and spontaneous downpour. BUT at least I got a chance to try out my new Joules Wellingtons! I've always wanted a pair of Wellies. The only rain boots I had before were huge chunky ones from Target that made me look like I was wading rivers when I walked. Pretty hard to get around in. The short version of these Wellies are pretty cute too! I love the classic look of the Evedon Boot, and the fun yellow ribbon in the back.

Also, don't know if I shared this news yet on the blog, but I decided to leave the freelance world and go corporate. I now work in PR and Social Media for a local agency and so far I love it! I still get to do what I love (online media) but I know where my check is coming from every week.  I'm still doing freelance work (just scaling back a bit).  Here's to new changes and (hopefully) bigger and better things!

The Details

Rain Coat // Champion
Jeans // American Apparel
Boots // Joule's (courtesy)

Photography by Jonifin Marvin
Words by Chaucee Stillman
First published on www.streetsandstripes.com

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