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I know what you're thinking - natural beauty products don't work, or at least don't work as well. That's what I thought too. I wanted to make the switch from chemically laced beauty products to all natural products for a while but I wasn't willing to compromise on durability or performance. The last thing I wanted was clumpy foundation that would run when I sweat or a foundation that rubbed off throughout the day. Call me undedicated to the cause, but I would rather use those unnatural products than a natural product if they weren't up to snuff. However, what I found completely surprised me.

In my attempt to make the switch to products that use all natural ingredients, I've gone through a lot of different beauty brands. I've been a fan of Lush for years (having written about them before) so I thought they'd be a great place to try again. Plus, they have an awesome return policy: you can return any product, even used products, within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Since there was literally no risk in trying out their all natural foundation I went ahead and bought it.

First, a little bit about my skin. I have a pretty balanced skin complexion, not overly dry or oily. I'm definitely on the pale side of life and have naturally sensitive skin. So with this in mind I chose their Light Pink Color Essential ($16.95). I wanted a foundation that provided average coverage but also gave the appearance of minimal to no make up. I liked that this product uses essential rose oil as a base since that is known for being particularly suitable for sensitive skins, which is this gal right here. Thanks Irish heritage!

I wanted to give this foundation a good trial period before I made my decision, so I've been wearing Light Pink for the past 8 weeks. My biggest concern, being that it's a hot and humid summer here in Philadelphia, was that this makeup would clump together, rub off, or create streaks when I dab the sweat off my face (real talk). But that hasn't been an issue at all. This foundation provides a medium coverage, blends perfectly into my skin and I can't even tell when it's on (other foundations I've tried had be so heavy that it felt like I was putting on a face mask. 

Lush has six color options for this foundation. I'd love to see them offering up more options, it seems to cater to more paler complexions. 

Another product that I've actually been using for the past 6+ months is the Ultrabland Cleanser. This thick and creamy cleanser is made up of essential oils, honey and beeswax not only works well as a makeup remover but deeply hydrates the skin. It also has balancing rosewater and is great for all skin tones. 

This product did wonders helping out my skin.  Back in January/February the skin on top of my cheekbones became abnormally dray and flaky (I've never had this issue before). After using Ultrabland for only 5 consecutive days I saw major improvements in this area. My skin was no longer flaking and the redness was completely gone. Needless to say I was SO happy to find this remedy to my irritated skin. 

To this day I use this product as my main cleanser about 3-4 times a week. I use moist towelettes as a makeup remover more often then I'd should and this cleanser restores balance to my skin. I bought the large size ($29.95) and it lasted me 6 months. A little bit goes a long way with this cleanser! 

While I still haven't gotten a complete "beauty regime" down, I wanted to share about these two products that I'm super stoked on. Hope this was helpful!

Do you have any natural beauty tips or tricks to share? I'd love to hear!

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