Easter 2010 - Dad's Side

I don't have much to say for these pictures other than...this is what my Easter looked like! How was yours?

My little cousin Will is such a jokester and absolutely adored the attention he got from putting on this bunny outfit. I about died from seeing all this cuteness.

The kids were all ready to go after we hided the eggs. I actually enjoyed hiding the eggs this year! But it was so hard to keep the secret of where I hid them! Haha.

Some kids were a bit confused as to what to do with their eggs....

But most just dug right in.

This is Will's youngest brother and the youngest of all grandchildren. HIs name is Matthew, and isn't he just the cutest little thing??

Well these are all the pictures that I can post right now because I have to hurry on up and get ready of the day because I have class soon! It's going to be another humid sticky day so I think another dress is called for. Have a good one! : )

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