Daily Life: You Could Call Me An Addict

To take a break from all the Krista posts, I decided to finally publish this post that's been hanging in my drafts folder for a little bit. The other week I took a little break from eating healthy (honestly, I can't remember the last time I ate something nourishing) and indulged a little : )  Let's just say that root beer milkshakes are the BOMB.  They are even better than root beer floats (heresy, I know!)!
Note - this isn't actually the place that I went to, but the sign was cute and was right beside the place we went, so I just snapped a quick picture : ) Below is where we actually went.
Here's a shout out to all the ice cream lovers out there.  We must stand strong in our obsession, addiction....whatever you want to call it!  After all ice cream is made out of milk, and as a woman I need my calcium for strong bones!
This picture was taken after I saw these two kids in baseball uniform eating the LARGEST ice cream cone I've ever seen!  Those are my eyes of amazement.
But those eyes of amazement quickly turned into a blush when I realized my friend was taking pictures the whole time.
Not only did this cute place have great ice cream but their hotdogs and french fries were delicious.  I can always start that diet tomorrow, right??

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