Exposed: Food Inc

It's absolutely disgusting how the Food industry treats farmers and the way they make them run their farms. It's inhumane the way the food industry treats animals. Watching the documentary Food Inc has opened my eyes.


  1. It will never cease to astound me that so many people are ignorant about this. And I really hate the fact that the cost of eating organic or "wholesome," as they put it, is so expensive. Just another reason for me to remain vegetarian...
    Thanks for sharing this clip. Maybe if more people are brave enough to talk about this kind of stuff then there actually can be a change. I'll definitely be checking out that one ;).

  2. I totally know what you mean about buying organic. If it wasn't so expensive then I think more people would buy it! I just wish this was more talked about. Then we could totally revolutionize the way the big food companies are manufacturing and farming this food!


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