More Owl Affection

I'm glad you all love owls as much as I do. They are so adorable, no?
Ps - This is my sister Brea and her boyfriend James. He isn't one much for pictures but he hung in there :)

I'm heading back to school today. I'm excited to get back but I'm running on no sleep today. My dog saw it fit to be constantly moving all night and left me with about an hour of sleep. I hope I can hang in there.


  1. Yay, owls! The orange one reminds me of a pumpkin, another personal favorite, so that's awesome. Also, happy back to school!

  2. i love the dof in these photos. and of course i love the little owl cutesy things too =]

    oh and i got my bed spread at home good actually. they have a whole line of this morracin (spelling?) type decor.

  3. love the owls & they are such a cute couple! now go get some sleep! :)

    <3 gina

  4. get sleep gorgeous! I love your owl obsession. Its adorable. not one for owls or shiny porcelain trinkets but you make me feel like discovering what this love of owls is all about. hehe. I pray school goes amazing for you!? you will be updating us on your school life throughout the semester too right??? looking forward to what god has in store!


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