Daily Life: Learning How To Save

This weekend I went to the beach with some friends. It was the perfect way to end the first week of classes. It wasn't too terribly hot, but definitely not the jean-wearing type of weather. Whoops! I'm also happy that I went shopping and didn't even buy anything! I was tempted for sure but I stayed strong. Yay for September Savings! How are you all doing with it?


  1. These photos are fantastic, looks like you had a super fun weekend xo

  2. i have been doing well! i decided to cut back on buying food but sadly I had a birthday dinner and went to the international food fair all over labor day. Luckily I only managed to spend about 30 bucks which was pretty good considering i shared food and got some free stuff as well. the birthday dinner was 20bucks *i paid for pizza so my friend wouldn't on her bday*.

    Aside from that I'm just splurging on coffee and sticking to my lean cuisines I stocked up on with this paycheck and have definitely saved money because of it.

    The Pink Purse is SOOO adorable. And the champagne ring! Ahhh


  3. Those stores look amazing! Good job girl, I probably would have bought everything in sight!

  4. Ah I did the same thing the other day when I went to Atlantic city with my mother, I wore jeans because it was chillier when we left and lo and behold it was roasting!
    Awesome pictures!


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