Help Me Please!

Okay, I am certain that blogger is distorting photos when I upload them. They always come out with more red in them or less contrast. I don't want to use flickr because they make you pay once you reach a certain amount of photos. Does anyone have any solutions?

Ps - My school's cafe just introduced some new drinks! Don't let look delicious??


  1. seriously, that's your SCHOOL'S cafe? man, I really missed out in College! Great photos, I'm not sure what the deal is with blogger, I pay for a photobucket account myself. thanks for your comment!

  2. i seriously want to run away and get coffee right now. i actually have a free coupon and have alot of homework to do that could benefit from a late night fix...

    what to do what to do.. :(

    thanks hun

  3. yummy! :o

    oh, and, another blogger told me that it doesn't delete old photos (it takes it off flickr, but that's it...) so if you have your photos saved on your computer, then apparently it doesn't really matter anyway...?

    sorry if that doesn't help... i wasn't sure what to do either, so at the time i just gave in and bought a pro account. aggghh.

  4. it's so true, blogger definitely distorts big time. wish i could help, sweetie! honestly, i use a flickr pro account, and i really wouldn't do it any other way. it's $25 a year, and i find it to be completely worth it. and it's great for my photography clients, too... they can go right to their folder when all the photos are finished and uploaded and download them straight to their computer.

  5. Your schools cafe has those drinks? Wow!
    I upload photos straight onto blogger and i've never noticed anything too dramatic before... perhaps try Photobucket, a lot of people use that don't they?
    I'm a bit iffy on the whole Flickr paying thing too - I think it's a bit of a crock that you have to pay after 200 photos!

  6. I use flickr. I just have a standard account. I have gone past the 200 pics but it doesn't delete them you just can't see them in your photostream anymore. I use flickr because its the only way I know to post pics large on my blog. Whenever I load from my computer straight to blogger they turn out really small. Not sure why.

    BTW - just found your blog via One Pearl Button.


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