Inspiration: One Lucky Girl

Do you have a magazine that you love about the rest of them?  Lucky magazine is mine. I like how they're geared toward shopping, pairing together outfits, and maximizing your wardrobe (at least that's what I get from it).
 They're great at picking themes and going with it (as seen in the above two pictures when picking 10 classic pieces).
 I also enjoy the features they have of real people off the street.  They share their best style secrets and what they can't live without. It sometimes introduces great essentials into my wardrobe.
 The lady-like look is something I'm definitely enjoy this fall.
 I've always wanted to visit Seattle, and judging from the clothes that Lucky paired with that city, I'm definitely going to like it there : )
 New Orleans has a bit of old romance with it.
 Boston, of course, has that beautiful polka dot dress.  That city has so much history and structure in the buildings. I love it!
So back to the beginning:  What is your favorite magazine?


  1. I just looked through Lucky yesterday!
    I didn't realize it had only been around for 10 years.

  2. I'm with you, my dear--definitely Lucky! (But I also like InStyle & Allure)

  3. i'm a magazine-aholic! i got it from my mom, i remember when i was little, sitting on the floor going through all of her magazines... it started early. ;) i love vogue. i always will. it was the first fashion mag i ever subscribed to, so it's special. i also love instyle, nylon, lula, frankie, w, harper's bazaar, eliza, i also love british vogue and vogue australia... i could go on and on. ;) and that's not even including all of the interior design magazines that i love!

  4. My sister and I subscribe to pretty much every style magazine under the sun (Lucky included!), but the only one we don't share is Teen Vogue which has long been a favorite of mine. I like the unique sense of style it has as well as how it shows it's readers up and coming models/designers I would otherwise have not heard of before.

  5. I really enjoy Lucky - they offer such great, realistic outfit inspirations, a good amount of affordable pieces and the magazine it self is pretty cheap -- $10 for the year? Why not?

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I've been reading Lucky Magazine for the entire 10 years it's existed (yikes) and I still get so much outfit inspiration from reading it.

  7. I do love Lucky. Everything they have is so perfect for each season, when it comes to my own personal taste of style. I'm classic, simple, laid-back, yet polished when I need to be.

    Although, my over all favorite magazine is Real Simple. I can't get enough of the fast and easy tips they have in there! Everything is so minimal and simple and that is ALL me!


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