Chloe In Wheat

So I had a talk with Chloe the other day, and she told me she wanted to be made in this pretty wheat style. So here she is!
Also, I want to say thank you to everyone who supports my etsy shop. Things have gone much better lately and I have literally almost cried of happiness.  Your friendship & support means the world to me. I know you will be blessed for being such a big blessing to me.

Okay, enough sap : ) See you Monday!


  1. thanks for commenting back! I love the background you chose in these! beautiful :)

  2. you look super awesome! that is a lovely scarf :)


  3. okay 1. you are gorgeous. 2. i love your cowl neck scarf thing 3. i love your blog 4. just favorite-ed your shop on etsy :)

    for sure, following!

  4. I really, really like your scarf! So chic--I need to make one for myself!

    Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

  5. Super cute look -- love the colors! And chunky knits are my fave right now... you look adorable! :)

    xx Laura


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