It's Good To Be Inquisitive

At the request of some friends/readers (we're all friends here, right?) here is your chance to ask me anything you want.

Now don't leave me hanging with no questions to answer. I'm thinking about doing a video response, and you don't want to see what I do when I'm bored! You might just have to sit there and watch me knit. Exciting stuff!

So you can either leave a comment on this post, or leave a comment on my formspring. Once I get enough questions I'll put together a post.


  1. i would love to watch you knit...
    do some teaching videos so i can learn. lol. :)
    ok, my question is..who is your favorite style icon?

  2. oh geez! what should i ask?! um um um...
    have you lived in Philadelphia your whole life? do you want to live somewhere else after you've graduated?

  3. When do you graduate? and what are your plans for after school?

  4. Cute idea:) Where did the name Chaucee come from? It's such a cool name and I've never heard it before:)

  5. So stunning !!!


  6. hahahaha.....should I answer Marisa Noelle's question?

  7. Haha you'd know better than me! Send me the answer in a FB message.

  8. your hair is beautiful! do you curl it or is it naturally that way? if you do curl, what curling iron do you use?

  9. How long have you been blogging? Do you ever get burnt out?

    Ps You are too cute!

  10. What 's your favourite book or favourite writer, favourite film and favourite quote? hmmm... *wrecking brain for more questions*

  11. Ok I don't know if I made it in in time, but I would like to know if you have any photography tips for those of us who don't know how to use a camera. How did you learn to take such gorgeous photos and are there any secrets you can share?



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