Local Inspiration: Love Illuminati

A few weekends ago, when we went on that big adventure, Ellen and I stopped in at Love Illuminati, a beautiful boutique I had been meaning to stop in at for a while. Here are some pictures from our visit.
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As you can see, they have quite the magical thing going on here.  I'll definitely be back on the hunt for some great vintage pieces, accessories, and great shoes!

Please tell me of your favorite local place to shop, and if they have a website leave that too! Discovering local shops is one of my favorite past times : )


  1. You're right, this place does look magical....very enchanting. I'm afraid they don't have many places like this in Camp Hill, where I live. I do like to check out Checkered Past though - they have awesome vintage and it's quite a bright, colorful, and cheery place. I love the pics you took:)

  2. I want to go. like now. it looks a-maz-ing.

  3. its like a little secret naria!! love the hairbows and jewellery! so pretty! i wanna go!! :) x

  4. So I now know what heaven must look like!

    PS: I really adore the way these photos turned out. Do you edit them to give them a vintage-y effect? If so, what do you use?

  5. oh wow, that place is absolutely beautiful! and ps: im doing an etsy update tomorrow with m-l sized items!

  6. Me fav shop is the anthropologie here. But it's a love/hate. I love Anthropologie...but it's in West Edmonton Mall (2nd biggest mall in the world!) and I hate it. Too many smells, too many people. We don't really have any unique little store that I've found.


  7. You were in my neck of the woods! I love LOVE and I love Katra!! :)

  8. What a fun and intriguing place. When you take pictures of places like this do you ask permission first or is it usually alright to just take photos? What do you do?


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